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Mechanical Screen Stretching Machine

  • Product:
    Mechanical Screen Stretching Machine

  • Model Number:
    PS-1618 Mechanical Screen Stretching Machine

  • Description:


    1. Insulating materials are filled inside to ensure insulating effect.

    2. The horizontal design could ensure average drying on web plate.

    3. Imported temperature control component, automatic temperature

    constant control and accuracy of +/_5 centigrade.

    4. It could be used as dark room for store web plate covering with emulsion.

    5. Stainless steel heating tube with high efficiency and long life.

    6. Light are installed on drying box to examine and modify the web plate.



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Model PS-1618 PS-1818
Machine Size 1600*1800MM 1800*1800MM
Max. Web Frame Size 1200*1500MM 1500*1500MM

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