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Screen Plate Exposure Machine

  • Product:
    Screen Plate Exposure Machine

  • Model Number:
    PS-SBW1200 Screen Plate Exposure Machine

  • Description:


    1. Adopt Japan Vacuum adhesive plaster with average suction,

    clear web points and layers and no air bubble between mesh and negatives.

    2. Imported optical glasses and special reflecting

    cover could keep average lighting and no distorting.

    3. Imported ultra-violet lighting source could keep clear and accurate lines.

    4. MITSUBISHI PLC and touch display ensure stable,

    reliable and fast operation.



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Model PS-SBW1200 PS-SBW1500
Exposure Size 1200*900MM 1000*1500MM
Max. Screen Frame Size 800*800MM 800*1200MM
UV Power 3KW 3KW
Power 220V/4KW 220V/4KW

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