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Digital Printing and Offset Printing Market Tendency Forecasting and Analysis in 2012

2012-03-11 03:27:54

Romano forecasted printing status in 2006 USA Printing Lecture, mentioned that offset printing market will decrease to 60% till 2012. Others will be instead by changeable digital printing.

Offset printing create income will decrease to 45% among entire printing industry till 2015. Digital glass printing will increase 30%, the rest will be shared by other kinds of auxiliaries printing service. As statistic indicated that U.S will have 33% digital printing job realize diversification and individuation in 2006, customized printing growth rate already reached 14% in printing market. The printing quantities shows that 78% 4 color offset printing liveware has reduced below 5000pcs.

For printing firms, converting to digital printing is a general trends with times goes by. Meanwhile, digital printing technology rapidly growing brings huge business opportunity to glass printing industry. Digital printing is already being the most potential printing method.

For the digital glass printing tendency, Frank J.Romano, famous USA printing expert, ever advanced  that digital printing will be considered the supplementary of offset printing, screen printing and flexo printing, and also be the biggest competition printing method. Laser printer will challenge copycat, copycat will challenge digital printing, digital printing will challenge offset printing, while inkjet printing will challenge all of them. Digital printing quality will not be a problem at all, but its production capacity, reliability and size will be the problems and need to be solved. Offset printing is improving for providing more efficiency and competitive product. But its market will continued to be instead by digital printing gradually. Digital printing is going to affect all aspects at entire printing industry. Glass printing will be widely used in artwork, package, label printing, textile, book, advertise and etc printings.


Eidt by Vikas

Print Series Team

11 March, 2012